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“The global travel industry, and the way in which consumers experience it, is changing so dramatically that it requires a fundamental change to the way in which travel is sold and how the traveler is served.”

Luis Maroto, Chief Executive Officer and President of Amadeus.

With software technologies transforming the travel industry, highly personalized customer service has led to exponential advancements in all spheres of life, travel included, shaping the way we want to travel. Business travelers who are increasingly becoming millennials are blurring the distinction between business and leisure travel, and in 2017, it's expected to be even more so as fun increasingly becomes an integral of work.

Appetia is a travel technology company that designed and developed Digital Restaurant Guide (DRG) a multi-lingual mobile and web Application created for business and leisure travelers, working with its partners, our team will:

  • Promote DRG App to business travelers partnering with corporate travel managers and companies.
  • Partnering with venue partners (Hotels, Vacation Rental and Corporate Housing) integrating DRG App in Wi-Fi login page.
  • Partnering with Airport Information centers, convention centers and visitor information centers.
  • Promoting DRG App with with transportation partners (Car Rental, Bus, Trains, Taxi Shuttle and mobile ridesharing)

Our Product

Cuisine Restaurants

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Casual Restaurants

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Multi-lingual mobile and web Application created for business and leisure travelers, partnering with vacation rentals, corporate housings and hotels without “On-Premise Restaurant.


  • Display Restaurant's address, contact information, Menu, Gallery, Direction to restaurant, Promotion code, Deals & Offers and Restaurant timing.
  • User can also reserve a table as well as place a order from detail screen.
  • User can visit social media pages of restaurant from detail screen and write a review.

Customers can use their mobile phones to browse menu, make reservations, place orders when they are queuing outside your restaurant, order for pickup or delivery to their hotel rooms and pay using digital wallet.

The Team

Jason Nyeh

Co-Founder, COO

Jessica Thompson

Co-Founder, User Acquisition Manager

Nikhail Kumar

Co-Founder, Partner Development Manager

Eric Vadim

Co-Founder, Director of Product Engineering

Bhavani Adivi

Co-Founder, Advisor

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